About Pawz N Clawz Accounting Services

Is your business able to generate immediate, accurate financial information for third parties such as banks, accountants, grantors, or other institutions? Are you aware of new tax acts, laws, changes and accounting standard updates? Can your bookkeeper do more than just data entry? If you need greater expertise and support in any of these areas, Pawz N Clawz Accounting Services is here to help and alleviate your stress.




    With more than 16 years of experience working with for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, Pawz N Clawz Accounting Services offers a wide range of accounting services in Frederick and Washington Counties.

    General Bookkeeping

    Invoicing/Cash Receipts

    Payables/Cash Disbursements

    Bank Reconciliations

    Lisa Frushour, CPA and owner of Pawz N Clawz Accounting Services, offers more expertise, insight and partnership than a “standard”
    bookkeeper. If you are looking for an accountant who can think outside the box, troubleshoot accounting errors, and
    ensure your records are ready for month-end, quarterly and year-end reporting, entrust your books to me.

    Things to consider when selecting an accountant for your business:

    Experience – Look for an expert with the knowledge and insight to help you with the specific needs of your unique business.

    Services – Identify the full scope of work offered, relevant to your business requirements.

    Security – Ask questions about the layers of security involved to keep your information safe.

    Does this look like you?

    I can help!


    Just The Facts


    Years of Experience


    Levels of security to protect your information


    Accountant to meet your business needs!

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • Services & Service Areas
    • Services & Service Areas

      What services do you provide?

      General bookkeeping services such as invoicing/cash receipts, payables/cash disbursements, bank reconciliations, sales tax reporting & submissions, year-end Form 1099s, general ledger report, and review of month-end & year-end financial statements.

      What are your areas of specialization?

      I specialize in and have strong experience in for profit and not-for-profit accounting.

      What other types of services do you offer?

      I can assist not-for-profit organizations get reinstated that lost their exempt status with the IRS. Also, I can help set up a not-for-profit organization, including required state registrations.

      What about payroll?

      I handle payroll as part of bookkeeping services. I encourage clients to work with a separate third-party payroll company for full payroll services such as processing, liability, reporting, etc.

      What accounting software do you use?

      As a certified QuickBooks Pro® Advisor, I primarily work in QuickBooks. I am also experienced in Peachtree.

      Can you prepare financial statements?

      It depends. I can prepare internal financial statements for management from the client’s accounting software. I do not prepare financial statements that include footnotes or descriptive commentary, such as those required for a bank or other third party. However, I can get your business ready for this type of engagement.

      Do you prepare tax returns?

      Yes, I prepare individual (Maryland residents only) and not-for-profit information returns, except for Form 990-PF. Unfortunately, for-profit business returns are not my expertise.

      What areas do you serve?

      Frederick and Washington Counties.

    • Engagement Administration
    • Engagement Administration

      Will I need to sign a contract with you?

      Each client will have an engagement letter outlining the scope of work as well as the responsibilities of each party. The engagement letter will include all facets of the agreed contractor-client relationship.

      What is your rate?

      I offer reasonable rates as a licensed CPA. Rates will be based on the scope of work required and individual business needs, to be negotiated at the time of engagement.

      When is payment due?

      Terms are net 15 days.

    • Experience & Security
    • Experience & Security

      Are you licensed?

      Yes, I am a certified public accountant (CPA) licensed by the state of Maryland.

      How many years of accounting experience do you have?

      I have more than 16 years of experience in public accounting including client accounting services, tax and audit with for-profit and not-for-profit businesses. Plus, I have been self-employed for 3 years.

      Are you insured?

      Yes, I have professional liability insurance including data breach coverage. I have implemented several levels of security to protect client information.


    Jennifer Clingan

    I have had the pleasure of working with Lisa Frushour for over 15 years. Lisa offers what I consider to be top quality accounting work. The best part of Lisa is her care for her clients. She gets it right the first time. She asks questions, delves into the details of the issues, so that the records are accurate and timely. Lisa’s knowledge of financial statement presentation and accounting services, in general, is outstanding. But the best part about working with Lisa is not how well she does her work, which is phenomenal, but the care she brings to the people involved. I have seen Lisa work through the night doing an inventory count after hours, start from scratch on projects where all the financial information was lost, and all this with a smile on her face because she knows she is helping her clients. Any client would be lucky to have Lisa on their team.

    Karen Nicklas

    I had the pleasure of working with Lisa for over 5 years, as she oversaw the business accounts of my employer. Lisa is a skilled accountant, and pays close attention to details. She would notice even the slightest variances and help us keep the most accurate records. She brings a positive energy, is pleasant, easy to talk to and very professional. Lisa was always able to answer my questions or concerns (and I always had a lot). She even took the time and had the patience to teach me the basics of Quickbooks, which allowed me to quick reference items and run reports on my own. If you are looking for a top-notch accountant with a great personality, I highly recommend Lisa!

    Beth Andochick-Myers

    I have been working closely with Lisa Frushour for 16 ½ years. Lisa’s service has been excellent! She has been the perfect find for all our accounting needs, business advice and support. Lisa places customer satisfaction at the top of her agenda (list) and is supported with all of the knowledge you could ever need to know. I would highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for an honest, reliable and genuine accountant.

    Dr. Lori Andochick

    I have been working with Lisa for 16 ½ years for my dental practice accounting needs, as well as my personal taxes. She is extremely conscientious and thorough, but also one of the most pleasant people I know. Lisa goes above and beyond getting the job done well and timely. I would recommend Lisa for any accounting needs.